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Aqib Ashef

SaaS Specialist

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  • Founded: Technext, Allyf
  • 10+ Years in Software Engineering
  • Expert in UI/UX Design, Platform Architecture
  • Led Cross-Functional teams in scalable development
  • Proficient across multiple Tech stacks
  • Experienced in AI/ML Tech
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Tishad Touhidul

Tech & Product Leader

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  • 10+ Years of experience building and scaling Tech
  • Built 4 Startups from scratch & raised
  • Consulted 10+ startups on Tech & Product
  • Software Architecture, UI/UX & Automation
  • Full Stack MVP Development (Web & App)
  • Experienced in setting Product Vision, GTM Strategy, Product Market Fit
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  • Pause or Cancel anytime
  • Unlimited task - One task at a time
  • Slack, Email, Whatsapp - for communication
  • Idea to MVP - Web or Mobile Application
  • Collaborate directly with founding team
  • Weekly Sync call

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